I believe Annette to be truly talented when reading the Akashic records. It effected me on a very deep level but also gave me clarity and closure to certain behaviours I have, or I should say I had! The reading also gave me such information that has transformed my relationships with my family. I feel more at peace with myself than I ever had! Thanks to Annette I have found forgiveness not only for myself but of others that I felt had done me wrong x deep gratitude Annette!


Annette that was really great. I have never had a reading like it. Going back so many years and finding out what was causing the blocks was an eye opener. The way you led through the meditation and the reading itself was like a river flowing. Your calming and friendly approach made me feel so at ease. Good luck with all you will achieve in helping everyone to reach their full potential through your readings.


This was my first Akashic reading – it was amazing. Annette made me feel really at ease in the meditation to access the Akashic records. Her readings from the records were both fascinating and highly relevant to the ‘me’ in this lifetime. I feel I have a much better understanding of the aspect of myself that we focused on, and was really pleased to clear some not so good past soul contracts at the end of the reading. Thank you Annette!


I just wanted to say thank you for my Akashic Records session. I gained so much from it. It linked many experiences in this life that, at the time, didn’t make sense but now I see the connections. Amazing insights. You are so gifted. Thank you so much.


“I’ve used someone else for Akashic readings for years, but Annette is so specific, precise and connected.  There is no question that she IS actually accessing Your records. She is such a warm and loving, healing light. Thankful to have found her…Truly a gift!”