Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Everyone who goes through a Spiritual Awakening has a unique path. For some, it happens spontaneously; for others (like me) it took years (nearly a decade!). Even though my journey took a lot longer I don’t necessarily envy people who have a more “spontaneous” awakening because this not an easy change to  experience. The rewards are 1000% worth it, but there are many challenges you will face along the way.  And that is where these sessions will help. Here are some of the subjects we can cover in your Spiritual Guidance Sessions:    

  • Clearing your energy and finding a daily practice that works for you
  • Seeing repetitive numbers and signs everywhere? I can help you interpret and communicate more effectively with your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Manifestation – I can teach you how to manifest your best life for the highest good of your soul
  • Ascension Symptoms, which I also call spiritual growing pains, are a common experience and can be quite unsettling. I can teach you how to cope and move through them.
  • Learn how to use your Intuition
  • Divination – Whether it is through tarot, pendulums, muscle testing or any other methods, I can show you how to use divination skills to get your own messages from your Angels
  • Meditation – Guided meditations are integral in the beginning process of your awakening
  •  Crises of Faith and “Dark Nights of the Soul” – I can do emergency sessions for people going through a crisis of faith or a “Dark Night of the Soul.”  These moments can be the most painful and isolating time in your awakening process. I can help you through them and give you tools to be able to navigate them in the future
  •  Twin Flame Coaching – If you’re a Twin Flame, you know this is a big topic. I am a Twin Flame and have been on the journey for almost 8 years. I am a Relationship Reinvented Certified Coach and I can help you through the journey to get you to a place of peace and joy.

We will start with your initial session and then you can determine how many sessions you would like to book to help you along in your spiritual journey.  

Spiritual Guidance does not lean towards one religion over another. You can absolutely hold your own religious beliefs and still be on a spiritual path. They complement to each other, and they are often serving different and equally important purposes in your life.

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90 Minute Initial Session

As a Relationship Reinvented coach, I can help you get to the root of the cycles that you are experiencing in this lifetime. In this 90-minute session we will identify the blocks that are currently affecting your spiritual growth. We will also be addressing any questions you may have about your current experience in spiritual awakening. If after your initial session you would like to book more, we can discuss multiple session packages.